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Bürs Gorge

An Ice Age wonder of nature

Ice and water have shaped the landscape of Vorarlberg. Following the retreat of the glacier, the Alvier River tunnelled into its own gravel bed and has spent the last 10.000 years forming today's gorge in this way. Moraine and gneiss rocks stand on the plateaus that have formed from the deposits. They are reliable testimony to the interglacial shaping of this landscape, which one seldom finds in the Alps. The world famous "Bürser Conglomerate" has become a geological expression! The gorge reveals rare insights into an earlier history of the earth and, with its primeval-like trees, is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Alps. In July/August, weekly tours take place along this geological nature trail.

Lengt: 4,6 km
Walkin time: 2 h
Height differential: 180 m
Refreshment: Restaurants in Bürs and Bürserberg
Public transportation: Bus Line 81 (Bludenz-Brand), station Bürs at the restaurant Adler

Bürser Schlucht Wanderung